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About Medicalia

Fulfilling Demand

Uniquely conceptualized, Medicalia Clinical Skincare was developed with an intricate fusion...to meet physician demands for a comprehensive pre and post operative skin care system while empowering medical spa professionals with a product line founded by aesthetic inspiration and insight.

Clinically Accurate

Scientifically advanced and clinically accurate, the Medicalia product line is exclusively available through leading dermatologists, plastic surgeons and medical spas worldwide.

Formulation and Manufacturing

From high-tech triphase micro-emulsions to the latest delivery vehicles carrying high performance ingredients; Medicalia formulations work in perfect synergy to maximize results and assure mutual physician and client satisfaction.

Client Skin Care Management

As a fully integrated clinical system, Medicalia not only addresses perioperative skin managment, but also empowers topical rejuvenation by offering daily maintenance regimens for all skin types. Medicalia ensures client safety and confidence by offering a product line that is completely Dermatologist tested.

Medicalia...the clinical solution for healthy skin. Discover optimum results and unsurpassed satisfaction...
Experience what Medicalia can do for your skin.